Seshat: The Global History Databank

Members of ALIGNED contributed to an article on Seshat that has been published in Cliodynamics: The Journal of Quantitative History and Cultural Evolution.

ALIGNED members Rob Brennan, Kevin Feeney (TCD), Pieter Francois (Oxford Anthropology), and Arkadiusz Marciniak (Poznan) were among the authors of “Seshat: The Global History Databank”. External Expert Advisory Board member Peter Turchin was the lead author of the paper.

The paper describes the structure and uses of the massive Seshat databank of historical and archaeological information. The data currently being entered into Seshat will allow people to test theories explaining how modern societies evolved from ancestral ones, and why modern societies vary so much in their capacity to satisfy their members’ basic human needs.

You can read “Seshat: The Global History Databank” here.