Seshat Demonstration System Video

ALIGNED has been building tools to help Seshat with big historical data, and now you can find out more.

ALIGNED is developing data quality and curation tools to help Seshat, Global History Databank, with their teams around the world analysing and cataloguing over ten thousand years of historical data. This video shows the first developments of the ALIGNED Model Catalogue Tool and the Dacura Data Curation System.
The Model Catalogue helps knowledge engineers organise and automate their data modelling processes, providing easy ways to navigate large complex models. Dacura provides tools for all steps along the Seshat data curation process, from validating data entry to reduce errors and assure consistency, to exporting data in forms that make it easy for social scientists to analyse the data. ALIGNED also built the first version of an OWL ontology describing the Seshat dataset, which supports automated data validation, data entry interface generation and richer data consistency checking and links to historical sources.