Academic Publications

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Public Deliverables

Deliverable 7.1 – Continuously Updated Project Website [PDF, 868kB]
Deliverable 7.2 – Data Management Plan [PDF, 1325 kB]
Deliverable 2.2 – ALIGNED Metamodel [PDF, 2436kB]

Other Publications

ALIGNED Factsheet [PDF, 292kB]
ALIGNED – Combining Data and Software Engineering on the Web, Dr Rob Brennan, 3rd DBpedia Community Meeting, 9 February 2015
Enabling innovative workflow applications by aligning content and software development lifecycles, Christian Dirschl, Scientific Publishing Innovation Day, 13 April 2015

Open Source Tools

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Currently, no datasets are available. The first dataset from the ALIGNED project will be published in 2016. This data will be released under the Horizon 2020 Open Research Data Pilot programme.