Open Source Tools


Booster is a tool for the model-driven development of information systems. It is developed by University of Oxford Software Engineering.

Model Catalogue

The Model Catalogue, developed by Oxford Software Engineering, is a tool that stores and presents models, links data declarations, and supports the generation of artifacts such as case report forms and data schemas from these models.


UnifiedViews is an open source Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) framework that allows users to define, execute, monitor, debug, schedule, and share RDF data processing tasks. It differs from other ETL frameworks by natively supporting RDF data and ontologies. UnifiedViews is maintained by the XML and Web Engineering Research Group, EEA, Semantic Web Company, and, and supported by TenForce.


University of Leipzig’s RDFUnit is a test driven data-debugging framework that can run automatically generated (based on a schema) and manually generated test cases against an endpoint. All test cases are executed as SPARQL queries using a pattern-based transformation approach. Its development was supported by grants from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme provided for the projects LOD2, GeoKnow, and DIACHRON.


rsine (Resource SubscrIption and Notification sErvice) is a service that allows users to subscribe for notification on specific changes to triples in an RDF dataset. It was developed as part of the LOD2 project by Semantic Web Company, and is being expanded in ALIGNED.

Dacura Data Quality Service

The Dacura Data Quality Service, developed at Trinity College Dublin, is an API for constraint checking inserts/updates/deletes to RDF schemas and instances. It is being developed as part of ALIGNED.

Dacura Linked Data Libraries

Dacura is a platform for processing linked data, developed in Trinity College Dublin. The core linked data processing libraries and the javascript client libraries are available on Github.

Summr Mapping Tool

This tool validates interlinks between two or more datasets through the use of standard SPARQL query templates. It is available on Github


LODVader (LOD Visualization, Analytics and DiscovEry in Real-time) indexes RDF datasets fetching statistical data for analysis and creating a diagram allowing users to visualize links among datasets. LODVader is an open source tool developed by the LODVader Team (Kay Müller, Martin Brümmer, Dimitris Kontokostas, Sebastian Hellmann, Diego Esteves), part of the KILT subgroup of AKSW at Leipzig University. LODVader development was funded by grants from the FP7 & H2020 EU projects ALIGNED (GA-644055) and LIDER (GA-610782), and the CAPES Foundation (Ministry of Education of Brazil).