New W3C Community Group

ALIGNED has been involved in the establishment of a new W3C Community Group.

The new group, the RDF and XML Interoperability Community Group, was established at the start of June 2016. The goals of the group are to 1) identify application areas in which the combined processing of XML and RDF data and tooling is beneficial; 2) identify issues that hinder the joint usage of the two technology stacks; and 3) formulate best practices to resolve the issues or propose standardization topics.

The group was initially proposed by ALIGNED team member, Christian Dirschl, of Wolters Kluwer, who is one of the chairs, alongside Phil Ritchie of VistaTEC. The driving force behind the proposal was work in ALIGNED on interoperability.

If you work in this area and would like to get involved, or if you would like to know more, please check out the RDF and XML Interoperability Community Group website.