LODVader Released

LODVader (LOD Visualization, Analytics and DiscovEry in Real-time) has been released.

LODVader is a new tool whch allows users to view and analyse the links between datasets in the Linked Open Data Cloud. It can also show the broken links between datasets – the Dark Cloud. Visualisations allow users to see the connections, similarities, and broken links between datasets at a glance. Statistics are available for nearly 1500 datasets, making available detailed information on things such as what links are most common, or how similar data is.

LODVader is an open source tool developed by the LODVader Team (Kay Müller, Martin Brümmer, Dimitris Kontokostas, Sebastian Hellmann, Diego Esteves), part of the KILT subgroup of AKSW at Leipzig University. LODVader development was funded by grants from the FP7 & H2020 EU projects ALIGNED (GA-644055) and LIDER (GA-610782), and the CAPES Foundation (Ministry of Education of Brazil).

You can try out their online demo at the LODVader site, or download the LODVader source code.