JURION Demonstration System Video

Check out how ALIGNED has been building tools for the JURION legal information service.

ALIGNED is developing combined software and data engineering tools and processes to improve JURION, Wolters Kluwer’s legal information service. Our video previews the first tool developments, some of which are already deployed in the production system.
Ensuring that data remains high quality over time is a difficult challenge, especially when it includes links to external datasets, which may change or disappear. ALIGNED has built data quality tools to make it easier for JURION’s knowledge engineers to maintain their constantly evolving datasets, by adding tools which validate data and meta-data, analyse and report on knowledge relationships, and notify users about changes as they occur, greatly improving insight into dataset evolution and helping improve data quality. In this video you will see an introduction to the JURION architecture, how ALIGNED’s RDFUnit test-driven data validation tool is built into the engineering process, and how the PoolParty thesaurus manager has been extended to provide dynamic checking of external resources and notification of dataset stakeholders.