Data set reference and name

Name: Software Implementation Process Ontology dataset

Metadata URI:


Publisher: University of Oxford Software Engineering

Maintainer: Monika Solaniki

Data set description

Description: The purpose of the Software Implementation Process ontology is to provide a set of conceptual entities to represent a specified system element implemented as a software product or service.

Usefulness: The Software Implementation Process Ontology is a useful resource for software engineers to describe their software implementation processes and subprocesses.

Similar data: No known similar datasets found so far.

Re-use and integration:

Standards and metadata

Metadata description is done in Linked Data using DataID, a metadata description vocabulary based on DCAT. DMP reports are automatically generated and maintained up to date using this metadata.

Data sharing

License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

ODRL license description:

Openness: SIP is open and free for use.

Software necessary: SIP needs no additional software to be used. Complementary visualisations and tools will be provided in the scope of the project.


Archiving and preservation

Preservation: Preservation of the data set is guaranteed by archival on a dedicated archive server.

Growth: The SIP will be revised in M11 and M24 of the ALIGNED project.

Archive: Oxford internal repositories.