Data set reference and name

Name: E-research in the Social Sciences Ontology dataset

Metadata URI:


Maintainer: Bojan Bozic

Maintainer: Kevin C. Feeney

Data set description

Description: TThe purpose of the ESSHD Ontology is to provide a set of conceptual entities, agents, activities, and roles to represent the specific data engineering process for e-research in the social sciences and humanities. It is derived from the general data lifecycle ontology which represents lifecycles of linked data.

Usefulness: The ESSHD Ontology is a useful resource for interlinking data engineering processes in the respective domain. Users profiting from ESSHD are domain experts, open data developers, SMEs and researchers in data science and data engineering.

Similar data: DBpedia provides similar datasets.

Re-use and integration:

Standards and metadata

Metadata description is done in Linked Data using DataID, a metadata description vocabulary based on DCAT. DMP reports are automatically generated and maintained up to date using this metadata.

Data sharing

License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

ODRL license description:

Openness: SDO is open and free for use.

Software necessary: SDO needs no additional software to be used. Complementary visualisations and tools will be provided in the scope of the project.


Archiving and preservation

Preservation: Preservation of the data set is guaranteed by archival on a dedicated archive server.

Growth: The SDO will be revised in M11 and M24 of the ALIGNED project.

Archive: TCD internal repositories.