Call for Papers – Linked Data Quality

The 3rd Workshop on Linked Data Quality at ESWC 2016 has issued a final call for papers.

In recent years, the Linked Data paradigm has emerged as a simple mechanism for employing the Web for data and knowledge integration, which allows the publication and exchange of information in an inter-operable way. This is confirmed by the growth of Linked Data on the Web, where currently more than 10,000 datasets are provided in RDF. This vast amount of valuable interlinked information gives rise to several use cases to discover meaningful relationships. However, in all these efforts, one crippling problem is the underlying data quality. Inaccurate, inconsistent or incomplete data strongly affect the results, leading to unreliable conclusions.

You can view the call for papers on the 3rd Workshop on Linked Data Quality site. The final date for submission of papers is March 4, 2016.