Use Cases

ALIGNED has four use cases. Each use case is a large-scale, real-world project with large user communities and development needs.

Seshat: The Global History Databank

The Seshat global history databank is an international initiative of humanities and social science scholars to build an open repository of expert-curated historical time-series data. Seshat extracts the data from a combination of databases, Linked Data, web sites, academic publications and human experts. ALIGNED will develop new techniques for data curation that build on data quality metric frameworks for data integrity assurance, runtime quality analytics to automate and prioritise data curation tasks and curation workflows that link together data harvesters, domain experts and data consumers to improve data quality.

DBpedia+ Quality Tool Chain

DBpedia is the centre of the current web of data. It publishes authoritative RDF-based datasets that are used as a common point of reference for interlinking and enriching most of the structured data on the web today. It relies on an automated data extraction framework to generate open RDF data from Wikipedia documents, published in the form of file dumps, Linked Data and SPARQL (SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language) hosting on the Linked Data Stack. ALIGNED will provide methods and tools to combine the diverse tool development and data lifecycle management tasks that are already underway within DBpedia.

Wolters Kluwer JURION (Legal Information System)

JURION is an innovative legal information platform developed by Wolters Kluwer Germany that merges and interlinks over 1 million documents of content and data from diverse sources such as national and European legislation and court judgements, extensive internally authored content and local customer data, as well as social media and web data (e.g from DBpedia). ALIGNED will enable JURION to address more complex business requirements that rely on tighter coupling of software and data.

PoolParty Enterprise Application Development

In 2009, the Semantic Web Company released its first version of the PoolParty Semantic Suite18 for enterprise information integration based on Linked Data principles. Since then, the product has evolved to include entity extraction from unstructured information. ALIGNED technology will help to generate unified views on distributed business objects and entities relevant for the development processes and to coordinate the data management and development workflows required to deliver new versions of the evolving PoolParty product.