ALIGNED Metamodel Published

The first incarnation of the ALIGNED software and data lifecycle metamodels have been published.

The metamodels used in the ALIGNED project are a set of Linked Data vocabularies for data intensive system specification based on design intents, domain models, software and data lifecycles. They are designed to support semantics-driven software engineering and data-quality engineering techniques by documenting and explaining desing intents and specifications. The models willbe used to develop tools that give unified views of the software and data engineering involved. This is the first version of the models, and is a work in progress. They will be extended for the next iterations of the deliverable in phases 2 and 3 of the project.

The vocabularies of the metamodel can be viewed at Data and Models. The public deliverable, D2.2 – ALIGNED Metamodels, can be viewed here [PDF, 2436kB].