ALIGNED for Business

If your business works in or is entering the Linked Data sphere, ALIGNED consortium members have solutions for you.

Wolters Kluwer

If you are a content producer, Wolters Kluwer can assist you with the challenges your organisation will face with integrated digital content production. They can help you build efficient content processing workflows, and transition towards making digital content a core business specialty. With experience in metadata management and enriching digital services with external content, their experience can guide your company through the potential pitfalls of moving into the digital content field.

Trinity College Dublin

If you deal with large amounts of rich and complex data, Trinity College Dublin can offer ways to improve your efficiency in managing, transforming, and analysing it. You will be able to process more data with the same effort, and layer multiple interpretations and analyses on top. Metadata, quality checks, and sources will be automatically generated and updated while the data is edited. You will be able to get more value from less-skilled effort, freeing up the resources of your experts for more valuable tasks. Your efficiency will be improved at all levels of the data curation process, from initial harvesting all the way through to final publication.

Semantic Web Company

If you need assistance with improving your data management processes, Semantic Web Company can help you. They can guide you through all the stages of building and improving a semantic information management system. Whether you need to develop and improve your linked data business models, optimise your metadata and content creation processes, or create new vocabularies to describe your content and workflows, Semantic Web Company’s experience as a leader in the semantic web field can help you meet your goals.

University of Oxford Software Engineering

If you need help building and maintaining high-quality models for software development, University of Oxford Software Engineering can assist you. With significant experience in clinical and bioinformatics research, they can help you build reliable, precise, and large-scale models, all backed by formal techniques. Using their standards-compliant set of tools for creation, maintenance and deployment of models and metadata, they can guide you through the challenges of ensuring high-quality data and models.

Seshat Global History Databank

If you are interested in understanding the development of human societies and exploring theories about how they change, the Seshat Global History Databank aims to provide you with the tools and data needed to test theories about social development. ALIGNED will provide systems which can leverage the wisdom of the crowd and greatly reduce the effort required from experts in history, archaeology, anthropology and many other fields. These tools will significantly reduce the time and effort required to build such a large databank.