ALIGNED Consultancy Program – Opportunities


The ALIGNED consortium wants to work with your business to manage the complexity of large-scale, software and data engineering to build data intensive web systems. If your business works in or is entering the domain of Linked Data applications, then we invite you to apply for the ALIGNED Consultancy Program.

Who This Is For

  • Do you need increased agility and productivity for building data-intensive applications?
  • Do you want to reduce the effort to produce and maintain high quality data?
  • Are you struggling with developing a system based on independent software and data engineering teams?
  • Are you seeking new methods to integrate Linked Data into your applications?
  • Do you have large datasets that need curation?

If so, you could be a great candidate for the ALIGNED Consultancy Program. Read on!

What We Offer

The ALIGNED consortium offers 5-10 days of support to help you start on your data-intensive system initiative. Starting with a one-day workshop to work out what you want, the ALIGNED team will help you plan and execute a short project to improve your capabilities for large-scale data curation and data-intensive software engineering.
This is a free service supported by the European Commission’s H2020 Project ALIGNED designed to improve the competitiveness, innovation potential and integration of European businesses. Completed projects will be advertised as success stories on the ALIGNED project website and social media channels.


The ALIGNED team will meet with you to explore your requirements and discuss how we can work together to bring your vision into the linked data sphere in a structured and managed way, leveraging your specialist knowledge and our techniques for reducing manual effort in organising and curating data for the web.


Once we’ve established what you want to do with your data and software, we’ll work with you to build and integrate systems and processes for managing your system. Over the course of five to ten days, we’ll help you migrate your data into the ALIGNED set of tools and best practices, so that you can fully avail of the power of your data.

How to Apply

Applications can be made at any time. Contact us by email (at with the following information (max. 2 pages):

  • Brief profile of your organization
  • Description of the data (quality, quantity, current format) or data-intensive application (purpose, technology, interfaces) you aim to publish or create
  • Key challenges you face
  • Potential stakeholders benefiting from the data or application
  • Envisioned involvement from your side – will you designate staff for supporting the project and being responsible for the maintenance of it when the project has terminated

It is a competitive process to have a project selected. After assessment of your application and a possible discussion with you on the value and feasibility of your application, we will select up to three projects for execution during ALIGNED (ends Jan 2018). Applications will be approved within 3 months by the ALIGNED Executive Board.
For successful projects we will, of course, offer individually negotiable options for a continuing collaboration between (members of) the ALIGNED consortium and your organization.