ALIGNED at the Santa Fe Institute

Members of the ALIGNED team presented their work at two workshops for the Evolution Institute this May.

Dr Rob Brennan and Dr Kevin Feeney (TCD) were present at the “Concordance in Macrohistorical Datasets” workshop at the Santa Fe Institute, where they presented the ALIGNED meta-model to a group researchers involved in large-scale comparative social science data collection. During the workshop, they collaboratively extended the model to capture the various ways in which datasets grouped human populations, and it was adopted as a general model across the combined data-collection efforts. They also produced a plan for publishing and disseminating their work on this topic.

Dr Brennan and Dr Feeney also presented to a workshop focused on the Seshat Global History Databank project, discussing goals for the development of the Seshat pilot platform and planning future publications.

Some photos of the workshop and their trip to the Chaco Culture National Historical Park are below.

Santa Fe Workshop

At Chaco Canyon