ALIGNED and TWYGG Consultancy

As part of the ALIGNED Consultancy for Business scheme, ALIGNED has completed its first consultancy for the Swiss startup TWYGG.

TWYGG, based in Aargau, Switzerland, is developing a semantic and web-based communication platform. The platform is a cloud application that provides personalized information about new software releases. For each new release, an automatic alignment of the three information sources – code repository, issue tracking, and project management – should be done by matching entities supported by the ontologies.

The proposed solution consists of:

  • an online platform that gathers change information for widely-used software libraries in one single space.
  • subscriptions and filters by type of feature, according to the user’s needs.
  • an aggregated view of modifications for a specific feature across several releases.


Semantic Web Company held a two-day workshop in Vienna with TWYGG, to work on requirements and methods for semantically-driven software release documentation processes. TWYGG presented their project approach in deep detail. Based on the project description, the requirements were defined at a high level by describing user stories and epics. The output of the requirements definition helped us to find connections to ALIGNED methods and models. Based on the ALIGNED metamodel, a way to represent the data in the platform was evaluated. The workshop helped the TWYGG team to get a deep insight into vocabulary management in PoolParty Thesaurus Server, and how to create domain-specific vocabularies. The extraction pipeline used in the ALIGNED Unified Governance use case is considered a possible solution for gathering release notes from different resources and for semantic annotation.

The ALIGNED consultancy service helped TWYGG to recognize the benefits of a Semantic Web-based approach and possible solutions for the implementation of Release Radar.